5 Things That Are Killing Your Progress In The Gym


5 Things That Are Killing Your Progress In The Gym

Progress In The Gym

5 Things That Are Killing Your Progress In The Gym

You’re not hydrating enough

This applies to our everyday life and at the cellular levels affects how nutrients are transported in our body. Poor nutrient transportation equals poor performance. A general guideline is 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men with more required in hot/humid climates and intensive exercise or sports training.

You’ll also want to be sure that you hydrate 45 minutes before with 14-20oz, during your exercise (16-32oz or more for an hour workout), and after.

You’re not getting enough sleep

The national sleep foundation recommends adults (18-64) get at least 7-9 quality hours of sleep each night. The need for quality sleep is twofold when we are exercising and looking to improve our fitness level or body composition. The body needs time to properly recover and repair the micro tears in our muscles that we create when we exercise and it helps ensure the proper energy levels needed to complete a workout at full intensity!

You’re using too much weight

Walk into any commercial gym on a Monday night and really take a moment to look around and see what I’m talking about.  Weights being bounced off the chest, extremely shortened ranges of motion, jerking and swinging to use body momentum to get the weight up. This is especially common in men; we have a tendency to want to be the biggest strongest guy around. Where if we lightened up the load and performed it under a controlled tempo we would see greater results.

You’re not fueling your body properly

I’ve worked with a number of clients that forget or were simply too busy to eat prior to training and the result is never ideal, and even worse if they haven’t had anything to eat all day. Think of your body like a car, it needs quality fuel to run and get you from point A to point B. You simply won’t have the proper energy to get through an intensive grueling workout session if you’re running on an empty tank.

You’re not pushing your self to new limits

This is another common one that I see all too frequently and it just kills your progress and keeps you from achieving your goals. Often we fall into the trap of performing the workout and exercises that we “like” to do and not things that necessarily challenge ourselves. The body is incredibly adaptive to the external stresses that we put on it, but what does that mean for our workouts?

If we don’t offer the body new stimulus to force it to change it will happily stay the way it is, which when it comes to improving our health and physique is exactly what we don’t want!

So we need to constantly shock, stimulate, and surprise it with different training variables.

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