How Important is your Health?


How Important is your Health?

We all love to tell ourselves how important health is, but are we lying to ourselves?

People who struggle with health often fall into two categories:

  • Those who despise healthy food and health products and want to live their lives as they please, smoking and drinking and eating fried food. They don’t care! Many Americans fall into this category.
  • Those who do not keep up their healthy habits consistently, but keep telling themselves health is important. These are typically very frustrated people who may be lying to themselves.

Think about it. How long have you been setting goals to lose weight, get in shape, eat right, exercise, meditate and so forth? And how often to you stick with your plan? Have you ever considered that your health is not as important to you as you like to think?

Now, if you have met the majority of your health goals, this doesn’t apply to you. If your health goals have been one failure after another, maybe it’s time to be 100% honest. Historically, your health and wellness have taken a back seat in your life because it has never been a priority.

Most people stick to plans when those plans are important enough. Eating right, remembering to take your supplements, and exercising, involve sacrifice. You can’t eat that donut just because you want to. You can’t drink all night with your friends and expect to wake up slimmer the following morning.

All of this is difficult. Nobody becomes healthier without sacrificing those activities and foods that contribute to poor health. So, how big of a deal is your health to you right now? Be honest, and if you genuinely know health is your top priority, then you’ll maintain discipline. If you can’t maintain discipline, then a part of you isn’t all the interested in health, at least not as much as it needs to be.

For those of you who feel discouraged when you admit health isn’t at the top of your list, don’t be. At least you know where you stand. Just be honest and think about where you are headed. If you don’t like how that looks, vow to change!

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