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She was originally hesitant to post-transformation pics, but when she did, so many people were so kind and encouraged her to create her own page for health and fitness.

Here is the story of Clare Morrow by her Pen:

We are all one phone call away from a catastrophe or life changing news. In spring of 2014, I got that call that changed my life… “Your mom’s cancer has come back, it’s stage 4 and it’s now in her liver, you’d better get yourself checked out.”

My heart sank at that moment, & the next day I called my OBGYN to get tested for that gene…
Filling out that form under ‘family history of cancer,’ I literally wrote “Mom, Dad, Aunts, dogs… I’m screwed. Lol”

Results, you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting cancer. Oh crap! Yeah, that hit me pretty hard.
One thing lead to another, we did a complete hormone check, I started working out more often, researching, & eating a lot better. You are what you eat right? Exactly right, that saying is truer than I could’ve ever thought.

I was struggling to lose that proverbial ‘Christmas weight,’ & I needed to lose because my stupid horse riding breeches were all getting so tight that unbuttoning them was like opening that vacuum sealed can of biscuits! POP! Ugh, I remember thinking, “Oh, uh uh. these things are way too expensive not to fit!” Boots were getting harder to get on too. “Really fluffy? We are NOT buying bigger boots!”

Sooo.. I lost 25 pounds of fluff, put on some lean muscle, my headaches & heartburn are both gone, & my energy level is now that of a hyperactive, annoying child. Randy also has lost close to 35 pounds.
To me it was more than just getting fit, I wanted to be healthy.

I know there will always be that genetic chance of getting cancer, but prevention is better than cure so at least I feel like I’m giving myself a healthier fight.

I had a lot of help along the way, the support of my wonderful hubby, some awesome doctors, a few very inspiring friends, and personal trainers, (some of which competed in fitness and that looked like fun!)
I thought, “Could I do that? But you’re older now? You have injuries, & a scar on your thigh?!” So many questions.

So we sought out a reputable trainer, & the journey to compete began.
When the tagged stage pics started to circulate people were so kind and encouraging, so very grateful for that.

A few have even asked for my help and wanting to know how I lost weight…

It’s not that you have to eat less, you just have to eat right.

This journey is fun, and I love to help others. So if you’re struggling to lose weight, too big for your breeches, your boots don’t fit, need motivation, or your energy level is so low it’s on the ground,
PM me, and I’ll try to help.

You CAN do it, even if you’re injured and can’t work out you can still lose weight! I’m now 44 years old but started at age 42. I didn’t like to take pics back then because of how I felt & looked so the only ‘fluffy’ pic I had was from age 38. If I can do it anybody can. Why not you? It’s never too late!

Sadly, my mother passed on Feb. 7th, 2016. R.I.P. Mom. You were there when I took my first breath, and I was there when you took your last. I’m honored to be your daughter.

So This The Story of Clare Morrow and now she is participating in the contest of Ms. Health & Fitness and she needs our help.

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